Before and After: Budget Friendly Creations

Image via Apartment Therapy

So I was browsing through the various sections of Apartment Therapy, as per usual, when I stumbled across the sort of DIY project that stops you right in your tracks.

Now, if you’re like me, you’ve always wanted to do projects on your own, to make things that you could actually use, but you never knew exactly how to go about starting it, let alone finishing it. Lora Neveu, the genius behind the transformation I’m about to talk about, has no trouble in that area.

It was just one rainy weekend, apparently, when Neveu decided to finally take care of some empty space in her daughter’s room, by creating an enchanting and inviting area that every little girl (and big girl alike) would cherish for years to come.

Et Voila:

Image via Apartment Therapy

What was once empty space, then became the coolest nook in the history of ever. Perfect for naps. contemplation, and inspiration, and most importantly: storage (something we’re all trying to find more of). And you’ll never ever, believe how little it cost to make this dream space a reality: $165. If anyone meets Lora, please tell her to call me so that she can teach me her ways. An empty space like that in my house would remain in the “Before” stage for years before I would ever know what to do with it. She just made it happen!


Read the full story here!

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