Why I’m Sad to See Punchfork.com Go

Image via LifeHacker.com

If you don’t know about Punchfork, this post will probably intrigue you, then devastate you.

A few months back, I was introduced to  one of the best social media platforms out there: Punchfork.com. Unlike any other site I’d ever come across in my life, Punchfork gave me something not many other cooking-related sites could: every recipe I could ever want in my entire life, and  guaranteed to be good. I firmly stand by the notion that there are no bad cooks, just bad recipes, and all of the foodies out there know as well as I do the astounding amount of bad recipes there are out there.

But it was not only that: once I found these recipes, all I had to do was make a free account, and I could save as many as I wanted, to get around to making them at any time. And with no limit to the amount of recipes you could save, I went crazy with the “like” icon. I think I’ve collected well over 500 recipes; Recipes, I’d like to add, that I would never have known existed, along with the unique and fantastic blogs they came from, if it had not been for Punchfork.

Recently it was announced that Punchfork has been bought out by Pinterest; a purchase that made sense, but I felt my heart sink. Half of Pinterest, as we all know, is recipes. They’re not all good, but the pictures are always fabulous and they get repinned like no one’s business. It only made sense that the creator of such a successful recipe social media platform, would get snatched up to improve one of the best social media platforms of ever. But it still makes me so upset.

Punchfork was everything that I needed to gain the confidence and motivation to stop being just a bystander in the kitchen, but a part of the action instead. It’s clean, it’s organized, it’s unique, and it’ll gone forever come March 2013.

All of you lovers of a great recipe take note: COLLECT ALL THE RECIPES YOU CAN! Who knows when a gem like Punchfork will come around again?

And as for Pinterest and its new additions: I’ll give it a try, but nothing will ever be as special to me as Punchfork.com.

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4 thoughts on “Why I’m Sad to See Punchfork.com Go

  1. I am equally devastated. Punchfork has been my #1 resource for a while now. I think I may feel naked once it is gone 😦

    • I know! It’s the only site I trust to find good recipes! I did find one called “Yummly” that I thought was okay, but it’s just not the same. I guess once March 15th rolls around, I’ll check out Pinterest again. I know it will be new and different, but I’ll be so sad.

  2. Try foodgawker.com It’s pretty much the same thing as punchfork. I used that site before I found punchfork. Oh, and I just remembered tastespotter.com And if you want to try interesting recipes, but have options to add your own uniqueness to the mix try http://thedaringkitchen.com it gives you a dinner recipe and a baking recipe about every other week to follow, but also gives options for variations.

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