Another Storm’s A’brewin’

This winter has been fun, you guys!


Just kidding.


I mean, it has been fun, but also bone-chillingly cold and stressful as all get out.




So, apparently we’re getting more snow. MORE SNOW. For what feels like the third weekend in a row, but is actually just the second week that we have been free from the grips of Nemo (with 1-3 inches sprinkled in for good measure), we have another winter storm advisory. It’s nothing like Nemo, but STILL. There’s leftover snow on the ground as I type this, and we may get more. Or, it’ll turn into rain. Who knows. Either way, it’s coming. And do you know what I’ll be doing as the snow flakes (or heavy rain drops) fall and Boston turns into a winter wonderland (or wetland) once again? Writing to you guys and swimming out of piles of homework. I will bake, I will post, and I will forget about having to go out in the snow Sunday and Monday morning to continue on with my life.


Stay tuned, and stay fabulous.

singature gray



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